Best Cars for Long-Distance Travel in 2023

If you’ve decided it’s time for a classic American road trip, you’ll want a vehicle that will take you comfortably and safely.  Provide cars with ample space for passengers and equipment, such as luggage or backpacks.  The whole family can ride some of these vehicles, while others are made for two-person vacations.  Its high safety score and many standard safety features were also crucial for spending time on the road.

Whether you’re taking a road trip or driving across the country, the vehicle you drive has a significant impact on how comfortable and enjoyable your trip will be and how much it will cost.

Which car is best for driving long distances? Let’s look at the 10 best cars for long-distance travel this summer.

Top 10 Best Cars for long distance travel

There’s a car built to get everyone from A to B.  Some cars bring a smile to the driver’s face.  And some cars are suitable for long drives.

These are some of the best cars built to provide maximum travel comfort for long trips.

#1. Tesla Model 3

Best cars for long-distance travel
  • MSRP: Starting at $45,630
  • Electric Motor: Permanent magnet synchronous reluctance motor
  • Horsepower: 283-hp
  • Torque: 302. lb.-ft
  • Electric Range: 220 miles
  • MPG: 113 Combined
  • Transmission: single-speed fixed gear with a gearbox
  • Top Speed: 162mph
  • Acceleration (0-60mph): 5.1 seconds
  • Trims: 03

It is finally possible to take electric vehicles on road trips without recharging being a significant issue.  The driving range of the Tesla Model 3 is 322 miles. Which means you can drive from Indianapolis to Detroit without stopping to recharge.

We also have a growing network of Supercharger locations across the country.  There are thousands of charging stations in every state.  However, it’s a good idea to plan where you can recharge along the way.

Other features like Netflix streaming and in-car gaming keep you focused while your vehicle charges.

#2. KIA Telluride

Best cars for long-distance travel
  • MSRP: Starting at $37,255
  • Engine: naturally aspirated V-6
  • Horsepower: 291-hp
  • Torque: 262. Ib-ft
  • Range: 432 miles
  • MPG: 20 City and 26 highway MPG
  • Transmission: an eight-speed automatic
  • Top Speed: 132 mph
  • Acceleration (0-60mph): 6.8 seconds
  • Trims: 04

With great comfort and tons of technical features, this car is one of the most comfortable for long drives. You won’t have to worry about road noise when you visit every national park in the country in a Telluride. There are 8 Seats, so you don’t have to leave your friends behind.

It also comes with many security features, including a safety assistant that can prevent passengers from getting out of the car if an imminent accident occurs.  Other than that, it has a 360-degree camera system, blind spot monitoring, and highway assist.

Whether you have a family trip or work in multiple locations, a long-distance car provides energy and fuel economy for long drives.  But in a market full of cars claiming to be the best, finding a quality car for a long drive can be tricky.  What are the best vehicles for long-distance driving? Let’s check it out.

#3. Honda HR-V

Best cars for long-distance travel
  • MSRP: Starting at $25,095
  • Engine: traditional gasoline 2.0-liter four-cylinder
  • Horsepower: 158-hp
  • Torque: 138. lb-ft 
  • Range: around 350 city miles
  • MPG: 27 City and 31 highway mpg
  • Transmission: Continuously Variable Transmission
  • Top Speed: 187 km/h
  • Acceleration (0-60mph): 9.4 Seconds
  • Trims: 03

When you go on a road trip, you need a vehicle that can handle various conditions.  This compact SUV has front-wheel drive for better grip on slippery or smooth surfaces.

The car also excels in fuel economy, with the AWD model getting 31 miles per gallon on the highway and 27 miles per gallon on the city.  Fuel economy is even better in 2WD mode.

You’ll find that this car delivers a fair amount of cargo while not being a giant, hard-to-park, fuel-guzzling SUV.

#4. Toyota RA V4 Hybrid

Best cars for long-distance travel
  • MSRP: Starting at $32,060
  • Engine: 2.5-liter four-cylinder 
  • Horsepower: 219-hp
  • Torque: 163. lb-ft
  • Range: 46 miles
  • MPG: 37 MPG city and 41 MPG highway
  • Transmission: continuously variable automatic
  • Top Speed: 114 mph
  • Acceleration (0-60mph): 7.4 Seconds
  • Trims: 06

The RAV4 Hybrid is a great road trip vehicle, light on the wallet, and fun to drive.  You’ll love Route 66 in this impressive car with great design features, fuel economy, interior comfort, and capacity. Accelerating quicker than other hybrids, this peppy vehicle gets 37 mpg in the city and 41 mpg on the highway.

You’ll also love the bright, clean interior that makes your time on the road a pleasure.  You can opt for a panoramic glass roof to maximize your view and get plenty of sunlight.

The most comfortable SUV for long trips is spacious, safe, and able to overcome obstacles without difficulty.  For a smooth ride, should be shock absorbers and other safety deviations. d pay Atten Important safety and comfort features should be considered for the most comfortable SUV for long-distance travel and the best driving experience.

#5. Subaru Forester

Best cars for long-distance travel
  • MSRP: Starting at $27,62
  • Engine: 2.5-liter flat-four-cylinder 
  • Horsepower: 182-hp
  • Torque: 258. lb.-ft
  • Range: 481 miles
  • MPG: 26 City and 33 highway MPG
  • Transmission: continuously variable automatic
  • Top Speed: 129 mph
  • Acceleration (0-60mph): 8.0 Seconds
  • Trims: 06

The 2021 Subaru Forester is one of the most comfortable SUVs on this list and one of the safest and most affordable.

The Forester makes you feel comfortable when you open the wide doors and sit in the easy-to-reach, hip-height seat.  That’s high praise, but it doesn’t end there.

The 2021 Subaru Forester dominates all comfort categories.  The driver’s seat is comfortable and offers excellent visibility.  The dashboard is well-designed, the seats are comfortable, and the materials are good quality.  Remote start also allows you to turn on the climate control before entering the vehicle.

#6. Volkswagen Atlas

Best cars for long-distance travel
  • MSRP: Starting at $36,445
  • Engine: a four-cylinder or a V-6
  • Horsepower: 235-hp or 276-hp
  • Torque: 258 lb.-ft
  • Range: 429 miles
  • MPG: 21 MPG city and 24 MPG highway
  • Transmission: 8-speed automatic
  • Top Speed: 115 mph
  • Acceleration (0-60mph): 7.75 seconds
  • Trims: 05

Despite its hefty price tag, the Volkswagen Atlas is hard to keep up with, but it has enormous passenger capacity in all three rows, a quiet ride, and excellent climate management.  The front seats are spacious and comfortable, with plenty of head and leg room.

The seats are comfortable and supportive, even after hours at the wheel.  The sizeable second row folds forward to accommodate additional people, providing easy access to the last row.

Unlike most three-row SUVs, the Atlas seats all seven, making rear passengers cave in.  20.6 cubic feet of cargo space behind the third row means passengers won’t have to carry their belongings in their laps.

If you’re stuck on a long commute, you know that a comfortable car can make a massive difference to your day.  With supportive and adjustable seats, smooth handling, and a wealth of infotainment resources, this vehicle will make your time behind the wheel easy. Below are the best comfortable cars for long-distance driving for you to explore.

#7. Audi A6 Premium Plus

Best cars for long-distance travel
  • MSRP: Starting at $57,995
  • Torque: 370Nm
  • Range: 424.6 City and 559.7 highway miles
  • MPG: 24 City, 32 highway, and 27 combined
  • Top Speed: 250 Km/h
  • Acceleration (0-60mph): 5.6 Seconds
  • Trims: 03

The interior design of the A6 is stylish and modern and uses quality materials.  The A6’s handling is more capable than its performance-oriented competitors like the Mercedes-AMG E53 or Maserati Ghibli, but it offers a cooler long-distance ride.  Soft leather adorns the seats and armrests, while luxurious wood and nickel-finished metal trims add extra comfort on long journeys.  More comfortable car seats for long trips have also played an essential role in making driving easier.

The Audi A6 offers a 7-speed S Tronic dual-clutch automatic transmission and Quattro all-wheel drive with Ultra technology. The A6’s interior is lovely and offers a supportive and comfortable driving feel.

Powering the A6 is a 261hp turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder and a 335hp turbocharged 3.0-liter V-6 engine.  Both powertrains use hybrid technology with either a 12- or 48-volt starter/alternator that powers the engine’s stop-start system and other auxiliary equipment. 

#8. Lexus LS

Best cars for long-distance travel
  • MSRP: Starting at $77,525
  • Engine: a twin-turbocharged 3.4-liter V-6 
  • Horsepower: 416-hp
  • Torque: 442. lb-ft
  • Range: 477 miles
  • MPG: 30 highway and 19 City mpg
  • Transmission: 10-speed automatic
  • Top Speed: 250 Km/h
  • Acceleration (0-60mph): 5.7 seconds
  • Trims: 03

Lexus has wholly revamped its subcompact SUV for the 2022 model year, but the new model has slightly more room for rear passengers, although cargo space with the rear seats folded is slightly less generous than the previous model.  It has a peaceful cabin, all seats are very comfortable, and the rear seats are lush even by sedan standards.

The redesigned LS catches the eye with a coupe-like profile, redesigned headlights and taillights, and a bolder front fascia.  And it dominates corners with 19- or 20-inch 10-spoke alloy wheels. Everything from engine components to tire compounds has been fine-tuned for a smooth, refined ride.

For operator convenience, a multimedia touchscreen is located close to the driver.  It is one of the most advanced 3D audio technologies available in automobiles, Android Auto compatibility, and more.

Car trips may be necessary to visit family and friends during summer, spring break, or winter break, and some may even take the open road for fun.  However, not all vehicles are comfortable for long drives.

These are some of the most comfortable cars for long-distance driving.

#9. Chevrolet Impala 

Best cars for long-distance travel
  • MSRP: Starting at $37,595
  • Engine: 3.6L DOHC V6 DI w/t Variable Valve Timing
  • Horsepower: 305-hp
  • Torque: 264. lb-ft
  • Range: 351.50 city and 518.00 highway miles
  • MPG: 22 Combined, 19 City, and 28 highway MPG
  • Transmission: a 6-Speed Automatic
  • Top Speed: 155 mph
  • Acceleration (0-60mph): 6.0 Seconds
  • Trims: 02

The Impala is a large, stylish sedan that is spacious, comfortable, quiet, and a pleasure to drive. The large front seats are spacious and plush.  Pleasant to the touch, soft, and well-supported from below.  It helps a lot to stay comfortable on long trips.  Two adults can sit comfortably in the well-shaped and supportive rear seats.  It has a capable engine, a smooth ride, and a roomy interior.

The 2020 Chevrolet Impala is available in two trim levels: LT and Premier. Both models offer safety and driver assistance features, including 10 good standard airbags, a rear-view camera, and cruise control. 

The Premier also gets Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Rear Parking Assist, Lane Departure Warning, and Side Blind Spot Alert.

#10. Mercedes-Benz E-Class E350 

Best cars for long-distance travel
  • MSRP: Starting at $57,800
  • Engine: a turbocharged four-cylinder 
  • Horsepower: 255-hp
  • Torque: 273. lb.-ft
  • Range: 1776 miles
  • MPG: 23 city mpg and 31 highway mpg
  • Transmission: nine-speed automatic
  • Top Speed: 250 Km/h
  • Acceleration (0-60mph): 6.1 Seconds
  • Trims: 03

A rugged, comfortable, quiet, and capable sedan for long trips, the E350 is one of the best options in its segment.  The E-Class offers convenience, performance, and subtle reflexes with a bright flash.  It offers the best isolation from bumps and quiet, stable highways. The front seats are large, well-shaped, and supportive in every way.

The cabin is beautifully decorated, ultra-quiet, and packed with eye-catching tech features like dual dashboard-mounted screens. 

A fully digital dashboard, blind spot monitoring, heated front seats with memory settings, an infotainment system with Apple Car-Play and Android Auto, and Passive Entry are standard.  All models have customizable ambient interior lighting, heated front seats, a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster, and driver and front passenger memory settings. 

FAQ’s About Best Cars for Long-Distance Travel

Q. What is the most economical car for long journeys?

Mercedes-Benz E-Class
There are a variety of engines available, but the E220 d is the choice for easy mileage coverage.  In real-world driving, you’ll see close to 51 mpg, which is an impressive number even if the engine is as loud as a budget camper van.

Q. What is the most reliable car for long-distance driving?

According to Consumer Reports Toyota TM, -1.45% and Lexus build the most reliable cars.

Q. What is the best SUV for long-distance driving?

According to my list of best cars for long-distance travel, the best SUV is Subaru Forester.

Q. Which car is best for the family for long-distance driving?

The Mahindra Scorpio, Mahindra XUV500, and Hyundai Creta are popular SUV family vehicles.  You may want to consider other options depending on your budget and preferences.  The Mahindra Scorpio, Mahindra XUV500, and Hyundai Creta are popular SUV family vehicles.


Consider a few things carefully before choosing the right travel vehicle for your convenience. The most comfortable car for long journeys offers unparalleled comfort and economical fuel consumption. Above all, it is powerful and efficient. Today’s new cars are equipped with advanced safety technologies to avoid crashes and drive safely. So, you can decide whether you want an SUV or a sedan and narrow down the vehicle to suit your comfort, budget, lifestyle, and needs.

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