Top 10 Best Electric Sports Cars of 2023

An electric vehicle is essentially an autonomous vehicle powered by an electric motor. Fully electric cars may or may not use gasoline or diesel engines.  In the case of an electric vehicle, when you switch to drive mode, the vehicle accelerates like an autonomous vehicle.  Electric cars don’t have gears. They are always fully autonomous cars.

When you press the accelerator pedal, then power is transferred from the battery to the electric motor.  The motor turns on and, as a result, the drive shaft turns the wheel.  When the car brakes, the car starts to de-accelerate the motor becomes a generator to generate power. This power is transferred to the battery.

Top Electric Sports Cars of 2023

The era of electric vehicles is already here. Although they still make up a small fraction of the new car market, electronic vehicles are an exciting area for vehicle development.

Below are the Best electric sports cars in 2023.

#1. MG Cyberster (MGC EV)

The Cyberster Concept is a decent European roadster design with a long, low nose, heavily wrinkled windshield, and rear cabin.  Taking design hints from the MGB roadster, the two-door, two-seater electric sports car concept comes with ‘magic eye’ headlamps that open when activated. MG says the electric sports car will feature a flat ‘com tail’ rear and will stand out with ‘hacker blade’ alloy wheels.

In the production of MG Cyberster, thanks to the electronics, the roof can be easily folded and stowed.  Fabric roofs are lighter and more convenient than metal roofs.  It will also cost less to produce and make cars cheaper.

The estimated price of MG Cyberster is £40,000 and its electrically powered. It has a range of 800 km (500 miles).  The MG Cyberster is a “gaming-style” electric vehicle concept inspired by the popular MGB roadster of the ’60s. The Cyberster Concept was first “unveiled” at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show.

#2. New Tesla Roadster

Best electric sports cars 2023

The second-generation Tesla Roadster was developed to be the fastest EV in the world. In 1.9 seconds, it accelerates to 0-60 mph, 10,000 Nm of wheel torque, and a top speed of at least 402 km/h (250 mph) delivered by three electric motors (one at the front and two at the rear). with All-wheel-Drive.

Tesla has priced the base trim for the new Roadster at $200,000, and the Priority Delivery Founders Series trim at $250,000. But these prices are now removed from their official websites as the brand faces delays related to the pandemic and semiconductor shortages. The Tesla electric sports car will be available in 2023.

#3. Toyota MR2- EV

Best electric sports cars 2023

Toyota has also said it will develop its own electric sports car.  It’s called the GR Sports EV Concept, as seen in Toyota’s December 2021 BEV strategy announcement. Toyota has been silent on the details of this EV, but the sports EV could be a slightly more ‘sensitive’ version of the LFA successor, with a lot of information from Gazoo Racing.

The Toyota MR2 could return as a lightweight, agile sports car with pure electric power. Between 1985 -2005 Toyota sold the third generation of the mid-engine MR2 in the United States. The Car is expected to launch in 2023, with a starting price of around $45,000.

#4. Lexus LFA Successor

Best electric sports cars 2023

The Lexus LFA successor won’t hesitate when it goes on sale. The concept of electric sports cars was announced by Lexus president Koji-Sato, at Toyota’s BEV strategy event on December 14, 2021. This stylish electric sports car performs 0-100 km/h in the sub-second zone.  The range will be over 700 km (435 miles), and Lexus is exploring the possibility of using solid-state batteries in the car to ensure long-distance and durability. This Lexus electric sports car is expecting released in the second half of 2023.

This decade will see a range of Lexus EVs available in different sizes and segments. The upcoming zero-emission models from the Japanese luxury brand include the Lexus LFA successor.

#5. Dodge Electric Muscle Car

Best electric sports cars 2023

The first Dodge electric muscle car is the production version of the Dodge Charger Daytona SRT concept, a two-door coupe. It has a fluid design that enhances aerodynamic efficiency over the gasoline-powered Challenger and looks more futuristic thanks to more sophisticated lighting. The interior is more digital and modern with a digital instrument cluster, stylish dashboard, slim AC vents, and a standalone and widescreen infotainment system.

Dodge has revealed that the first electric muscle car will sit on the big stage at STLA.  The company plans to initially offer it in three output levels, with the top model boasting an 800-volt ‘banshee’ powertrain.

Eventually, Dodge will offer nine power levels through its Direct Connect program. The company has confirmed that the all-wheel drive drivetrain layout will become the standard for all-weather capabilities. That won’t go into detail, but depending on the configuration, we would expect two or three motors to drive the wheels.

#6. Audi E-Tron GT

Best electric sports cars 2023

Audi has made several visual and quality-of-life improvements to the 2023 Audi e-Tron GT.  The modified grills are now painted to match the body color.  A second charging port located in the vehicle’s passenger seat is standard.  All e-Tron GTs now come with anti-theft wheel bolts, an integrated charging module for the rear-view mirror, a Bang & Olufsen sound system, and 20-inch wheels with all-season tires.

The E-Tron GT Prestige is available as an option with a new 21-inch 10-spoke wheel package that replaces the previous grey finish wheels.  The E-Tron GT Performance Package now includes previously standard 20-inch wheels wrapped in summer tires, The executive equipment package now combines a package with LED interior lighting and heated rear seats.  The RS E-Tron GT also gets standard carbon matte inserts and a new ceramic brake package with anthracite brake calipers and 21-inch wheels from the outside.

#7. Maserati GranTurismo Folgore

The Gran Turismo Folgore is engineered by three electric motors that drive 750 horsepower on all four wheels.  As a result, the electric Gran Turismo will be faster than its gasoline-powered counterparts, the most powerful of which is only 542 horsepower.  Two motors drive the individual rear wheels and the third powers the front axle.  Maserati says this allows for a torque vectoring function that appears as a limited-slip differential.

Performance is provided by almost all-electric vehicles.  Even the smallest city cars amaze people with their growl and acceleration.  All of this boils down to the simple and essential features of an electric motor.  That’s the instantaneous torque response when you press the accelerator pedal.

Unlike engines that need to be turn over to burn gasoline or diesel, electric motors can provide maximum power and acceleration at any time, regardless of the vehicle’s speed. It allows to motor to spin without delay as soon as you step on the pedal.  Electric vehicles of all types are set to overtake quickly and take grand steps when the traffic light turns green.

#8. Pininfarina Battista

Best electric sports cars 2023

Arguably Pininfarina Battista is not only one of the best-looking cars on this list, but also it is the most powerful car ever designed and made in Italy. The 120 kWh battery pack powers four electric motors, producing 1,900 hp (1,397 kW) and 2,360 Nm (1,741lb-ft).  On the road, the legal all-electric Hyper-GT is capable of a 0-100 km/h (62 mph) acceleration time of 2 seconds and an estimated range of around 500 km (311 miles).

On July 13, 2022, auto mobile Pininfarina announced that it had started production of the Battista in its new dedicated atelier space in Cambiano, Italy.  Since the company makes no more than 150, it guarantees exclusivity for its customers.  Handcrafted by a team of 10 artisans, each Batista takes ten weeks to assemble, or 18 weeks if hand painted.

#9. Fisker Ronin

Best electric sports cars 2023

The Fisker Ronin is a four-door, four-seater electric concept with low-profile tires, digital LED headlights, and illuminated brand logos. This electric sports car also known as one of the best-looking cars will release in 2023

After two big names, the Fisker Ocean SUV and the Fisker Pear, Fisker will take a break and turn its attention to car enthusiasts.  The company launches an electric convertible sports car as its third model, the project name of this model ‘Fisker Ronin’ The third model will redefine the luxury sports car of the future, in the words of Fisker’s founder, chairman, and CEO, Henrik Fisker.

This model features unique doors that allow for better entry and exit. The company has set a target release date of August 2023 for Project Ronin. Henrik Fisker also announced that the price of the converter is less than USD 200,000.

#10. Genesis X Speedium Coupe

Best electric sports cars 2023

Genesis unveiled its vision for a futuristic electric sports coupe at the Genesis House in New York on April 13, 2022. in the reveal, the brand stated that the coupe was not meant for the production.  Instead, it’s a technology preview that tells customers what to expect from the next generation of Genesis vehicles.

According to Korean reports, this model will have a trimotor four-wheel-drive setup with one motor on the front axle and two motors on the rear axle. A source also said that it will have the same 100kWh battery and two-speed transmission as the 2023 Porsche Taycan, the electric coupe packs over 800hp with a 0-62mph time of under two seconds and a top speed of over 205mph, and the price is expecting to be between USD 80,000 and USD 100,000.

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FAQ’s About Best Electric Sports Cars 2023

Q. What is the best electric sports car to own?

The lighting GT is the best electric sports car to own.

Q. What is the most affordable electric sports car?

Qiantu K20 is the most affordable sports car because compared to other electric sports cars, this car’s price is affordable.

Q. What is the best electric sports car in the world?

When we look at the electrifying performance as well as the practicality of range Porsche Taycan is the best electronic sports car in the world.


Above are the best electric sports cars in 2023 for you. Most of these car companies have not yet revealed necessary information such as price, engine capacity, power, torque, transmission, and much more about their products. However, I feel that we will be able to see some flagship electronic sports cars in the future. The best is yet to come. May this article help you to buy the best one.

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