Cars with Electronic Handbrake

Cars with Electronic Handbrake have revolutionized the automotive industry by replacing traditional mechanical handbrakes with electronically controlled systems. This innovation represents a significant shift in how vehicles manage parking and braking functions.

Electronic handbrakes, often referred to as electronic parking brakes, rely on sensors, motors, and an electronic control unit to engage and disengage the parking brake. They offer several advantages, such as space-saving designs, automatic engagement on steep inclines, and integration with safety systems like hill-start assist.

However, some drivers prefer the tactile feedback of a traditional handbrake lever. This introduction provides a glimpse into the evolving landscape of automotive technology and the impact of electronic handbrakes on driving experiences.

Upgrade Your Driving Experience: The Best Cars with Electronic Handbrake Systems in 2023

Cheap Cars with Electronic Handbrake represent a fascinating intersection of affordability and modern automotive technology. In recent years, electronic handbrakes have become increasingly common in budget-friendly vehicles, revolutionizing the traditional handbrake lever.

This innovation offers not only convenience but also space-saving benefits within the cabin. In this exploration, we will delve into the world of these economical cars, shedding light on their features, advantages, and the changing landscape of automotive design in pursuit of cost-effective mobility solutions.

#1. Honda Civic

Cheap cars with electronic handbrake
  • MSRP: Starting at $24,845
  • Engine: 2.0-litre four-cylinder
  • Horsepower: 315 hp
  • Torque: 310 lb-ft
  • Range: 384.4 miles City and 496 miles Highway
  • MPG: 33 City and 42 Highway mpg
  • Transmission: Automatic (CVT) and Manual
  • Top Speed: 137 mph
  • Acceleration (0-60mph): 8.2 seconds
  • Trims: 07

The Honda Civic, a popular compact car, is often praised for its affordability, but it’s worth noting that some models come equipped with an electronic handbrake. This technology replaces the traditional mechanical handbrake lever with an electronically controlled system, which can be seen as a modern convenience.

While it may offer benefits like space-saving and ease of use, some drivers prefer the traditional handbrake for its simplicity and reliability. Despite this electronic feature, the Civic remains a reliable and cost-effective choice for many drivers, known for its fuel efficiency, comfortable interior, and reputation for longevity on the road.

#2. Hyundai Tucson

Cheap cars with electronic handbrake
  • MSRP: Starting at $28,585
  • Engine: 2.5-litre four-cylinder
  • Horsepower: 187 hp
  • Torque: 192 Nm
  • Range: 507 miles
  • MPG: 25 mpg City and 32 mpg Highway
  • Transmission: 8-speed automatic
  • Top Speed: 120 mph
  • Acceleration (0-60mph): 8.8 Seconds
  • Trims: 05

The Hyundai Tucson, known for its affordability, features an electronic handbrake as a modern convenience. This compact SUV offers an attractive price point without sacrificing essential features. The electronic handbrake enhances ease of use, freeing up space in the cabin.

It simplifies parking with an auto-hold feature, preventing rollbacks on inclines. The Tucson boasts a sleek design and a comfortable interior, making it an excellent value proposition. While the electronic handbrake might be seen as a budget-friendly alternative to traditional handbrakes, it aligns with the industry’s shift towards advanced technology, adding convenience to an already appealing package.

#3. Citroen Grand C4 Space Tourer

Cars with Electronic Handbrake
  • MSRP: Starting at $23,088
  • Engine: 1.5-litre diesel engine
  • Horsepower: 165 hp
  • Torque: 300 Nm
  • Range: 500 miles
  • MPG: Up to 62.4mpg and 57.8mpg
  • Transmission: 6-speed automated manual
  • Top Speed: 124 mph
  • Acceleration (0-60mph): 9.6 Seconds
  • Trims: 03

The Citroën Grand C4 Space Tourer, known for its affordability, boasts an electronic handbrake, enhancing convenience and modernity. This feature simplifies parking and offers a clutter-free interior with a sleek, unobtrusive design. Despite its economical pricing, the Grand C4 Space Tourer doesn’t compromise on style or comfort.

Its spacious interior accommodates up to seven passengers, with flexible seating arrangements and ample cargo space. The vehicle’s fuel-efficient engine options make it an economical choice for families, while a host of tech features, including touchscreen infotainment, adds to its appeal. The Grand C4 Space Tourer combines budget-friendliness with modern innovations, making it an excellent choice for value-conscious buyers.

Electric handbrake cars, also known as electronic handbrake or e-brake cars, represent a significant advancement in automotive technology. Instead of the traditional mechanical handbrake lever, these vehicles are equipped with an electronic system that engages and disengages the handbrake automatically with the push of a button. This innovation offers convenience, space-saving benefits, and enhanced safety features, making electric handbrake cars an intriguing development in modern automotive design.

#4. Audi A3

Cars with Electronic Handbrake
  • MSRP: starts at $35,400
  • Engine: turbocharged 2.5-litre five-cylinder
  • Horsepower: 401 hp
  • Torque: 369 lb-ft
  • Range: 265 miles
  • MPG: 29 mpg City, 38 mpg Highway and 32 mpg Combined
  • Transmission: 7-speed S tronic dual-clutch
  • Top Speed: 155 mph
  • Acceleration (0-60mph): 7.1 seconds
  • Trims: 03

The Audi A3, known for its sleek design and advanced technology, offers an electric handbrake feature that enhances both convenience and safety. This innovative system replaces the traditional mechanical handbrake lever with an electronic switch. When engaged, it securely holds the car in place, preventing unintentional rolling.

The electric handbrake also integrates seamlessly with the vehicle’s auto-hold function, allowing the car to remain stationary in traffic without the need to keep a foot on the brake pedal. This not only reduces driver fatigue but also contributes to smoother driving experiences. The Audi A3’s electric handbrake is a testament to the brand’s commitment to modernity and user-friendly features.

#5. BMW 1 Series

Cars with Electronic Handbrake
  • MSRP: $49,900 to $76,600
  • Engine: 1.5-litre three-cylinder
  • Horsepower: 230 hp
  • Torque: 200 lb-ft
  • Range: 557 miles
  • MPG: 49.6mpg
  • Transmission: Six-speed manual
  • Top Speed: 131 mph
  • Acceleration (0-60mph): 6.8 – 10.0 seconds
  • Trims: 03

The BMW 1 Series, known for its transition to electric handbrake technology, represents a pivotal step in automotive innovation. This cutting-edge feature replaces the conventional mechanical handbrake lever with an electric system, offering several advantages. Firstly, it saves space in the cabin, contributing to a sleeker interior design.

Secondly, it enhances safety by automatically engaging the handbrake when the vehicle is parked or turned off, reducing the risk of rollaway incidents. Additionally, the electric handbrake allows for smoother, more precise control, ensuring a secure stop on inclines. The BMW 1 Series exemplifies the brand’s commitment to merging luxury and technology in the electric vehicle landscape.

#6. Range Rover Sport

Electric handbrake cars
  • MSRP: Starting at $85,075
  • Engine: turbocharged 3.0-litre inline-six
  • Horsepower: 355 hp
  • Torque: 487 lb-ft
  • Range: 70 miles
  • MPG: 19 mpg Combined, 17 mpg City, and 22 mpg Highway
  • Transmission: Automatic transmission
  • Top Speed: 140 mph
  • Acceleration (0-60mph): 5.6 Seconds
  • Trims: 06

The Range Rover Sport, renowned for its luxury and performance, has embraced the trend of electric handbrakes. This innovative feature replaces the traditional mechanical handbrake lever with an electric system. It offers several advantages, such as space-saving in the cabin and improved safety, as the electronic system engages automatically when the car is parked or turned off.

Additionally, the Range Rover Sport’s electric handbrake enhances the overall driving experience by providing smoother and more precise control during hill starts and while parking. This modern adaptation aligns with the brand’s commitment to technological advancement and elevates the driving pleasure for Range Rover enthusiasts.

#7. Mercedes A-Class

Electric handbrake cars
  • MSRP: $35,000
  • Engine: 2.0L Turbo I4
  • Horsepower: 188 hp
  • Torque: 221 lb-ft
  • Range: 324.00 / 472.50 miles
  • MPG: 28 mpg Combined, 24 mpg City and 35 mpg Highway
  • Transmission: 7-Speed Dual Clutch
  • Top Speed: 143 mph
  • Acceleration (0-60mph): 6.1 – 10.4 seconds
  • Trims: 03

The Mercedes A-Class, known for its luxurious design and advanced technology, has embraced the trend of electric handbrakes, enhancing both convenience and safety. With this feature, drivers can effortlessly engage and disengage the parking brake with the push of a button, eliminating the need for a traditional mechanical handbrake lever.

This innovation not only saves space in the cabin but also ensures a more streamlined and modern interior. Moreover, electric handbrakes offer precision and reliability, preventing accidental rollbacks on inclines and simplifying parking manoeuvres. The Mercedes A-Class, as an exemplar of this technology, continues to lead the way in combining elegance with cutting-edge automotive advancements.

Small Cars with Electronic Handbrake represent a modern automotive innovation. These compact vehicles incorporate electronic systems to replace traditional mechanical handbrakes, enhancing convenience and safety. This technology offers drivers effortless control over their parking brakes, often with features like auto-hold functionality and hill-start assist. As the automotive industry embraces electronic advancements, small cars with electronic handbrakes showcase the ongoing evolution of vehicle design and functionality, catering to the demands of today’s urban drivers.

#8. Honda Jazz

Cheap cars with electronic handbrake
  • MSRP: Starting at $12,650
  • Engine: 1.2 I-VTEC
  • Horsepower: 89 bhp
  • Torque: 110 Nm
  • Range: 550 miles
  • MPG: 62.8mpg
  • Transmission: 5-speed manual
  • Top Speed: 106 mph
  • Acceleration (0-60mph): between 8.3 and 11.4 seconds
  • Trims: 05

The Honda Jazz is a popular small car known for its practicality and innovation, including the electronic handbrake feature. This compact hatchback offers a seamless driving experience, thanks to its electronic handbrake that replaces the traditional manual lever. This electronic system not only saves space in the cabin but also enhances convenience.

The Jazz’s compact size makes it ideal for urban driving, easily manoeuvring through tight spaces and crowded streets. Despite its small footprint, it boasts a surprisingly spacious interior, with Honda’s clever Magic Seat system that allows versatile cargo configurations. In summary, the Honda Jazz combines small car agility with modern technology, including the electronic handbrake, for an efficient and user-friendly driving experience.

#9. Peugeot 208

Electric handbrake cars
  • MSRP: $13,750 to $26,070
  • Engine: Hybrid 100 and Hybrid 136
  • Horsepower: 68 hp
  • Torque: 151 lb-ft
  • Range: 202 miles
  • MPG: up to 45 mpg
  • Transmission: 6-speed automatic and 5-speed manual
  • Top Speed: 117 mph
  • Acceleration(0-60mph): 8.4 Seconds
  • Trims: 04

The Peugeot 208 epitomizes modern small cars with its innovative electronic handbrake. This compact hatchback combines style and practicality, making it a popular choice among urban drivers. The electronic handbrake offers convenience by eliminating the traditional lever, creating more cabin space and a sleek interior.

It also enhances safety with features like hill start assist, preventing rollbacks on inclines. The 208’s efficient engines, including petrol, diesel, and electric options, provide eco-friendly alternatives. Its nimble handling and agile performance make city driving a breeze. With its contemporary design and electronic handbrake technology, the Peugeot 208 redefines small car sophistication and functionality.

#10. Renault Zoe

Small cars with electronic handbrake
  • MSRP: $36592 to $39,032
  • Engine: R135 electric motor and a 52kWh battery pack
  • Horsepower: 135 hp
  • Torque: 245 Nm
  • Range: 246 miles
  • MPG: 148 mpg
  • Transmission: Automatic transmission
  • Top Speed: 84 mph
  • Acceleration (0-60mph): 8.1 – 13.1 seconds
  • Trims: 06

The Renault Zoe, a popular choice among small electric cars, features an electronic handbrake that enhances convenience and safety. This innovative feature replaces the traditional handbrake lever with a button or switch, allowing for smoother engagement and disengagement of the handbrake.

It simplifies parking in tight spaces and eliminates the need for physical strength to operate the brake, making it accessible for all drivers. Additionally, the electronic handbrake can automatically engage when the vehicle is parked, adding an extra layer of security. The Renault Zoe’s combination of compact size and this electronic handbrake offers an efficient and modern driving experience.

FAQs about Cars with Electronic Handbrake

Q. What is an electronic handbrake?

An electronic handbrake, also known as an electronic parking brake, is a system that replaces the traditional mechanical handbrake lever with an electronic switch or button to engage and disengage the parking brake.

Q. How does an electronic handbrake work?

Electronic handbrakes use motors or actuators to apply and release the brake pads or shoes on the rear wheels, effectively locking or unlocking them to hold the vehicle stationary.

Q. Are electronic handbrakes reliable?

Yes, electronic handbrakes are generally reliable. They are designed with safety features and backup systems to ensure they function correctly.

Q. Can I manually release an electronic handbrake in an emergency?

Many electronic handbrake systems have a manual release procedure, usually detailed in the owner’s manual, to disengage the brake in case of an emergency or system failure.

Q. Are electronic handbrakes easier to use than traditional handbrakes?

Some find electronic handbrakes more convenient due to the push-button operation, while others prefer the tactile feel of a traditional handbrake lever.

Q. Do electronic handbrakes require maintenance?

Electronic handbrakes may require occasional maintenance and calibration, which can be done by authorized service centres.


Cars with Electronic Handbrake, such as the Honda Civic, Hyundai Tucson, Citroen Grand C4 Space Tourer, Audi A3, BMW 1 Series, Range Rover Sport, Mercedes A-Class, Honda Jazz, Peugeot 208, and Renault Zoe, offer convenient, space-saving solutions. These systems provide ease of use and often include auto-hold features for added safety and comfort, reflecting the automotive industry’s ongoing embrace of technological advancements.

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