25 Amazing Cars with the Steering Wheel on the Right Side!

This outstanding feature for right- or left-hand drive vehicles complies with rules and regulations in many countries. Some countries plan routes so drivers can drive on the road’s right lane.  Other countries design their tracks, so drivers stay on the left.

There are several reasons why countries adopt certain racial models.  For example, in British colonial countries, right- or left-hand driving modes are right-hand drive cars. Countries like the United States have adopted the left-hand drive, very different from the British colonies.  Countries that were colonized by the United States have left-handed rules.

So, whether you drive on the right or left, knowing the driving rules is essential when traveling or driving in a foreign country, or driving on the curtain track.

Is it legal to drive a car with the steering wheel on the right side?

There are no regulations prohibiting the use of Right-Hand Drive vehicles on public roads in the United States.  Anyone with a driver’s license can drive Right Hand Drive cars as long as the car complies with federal emissions and safety standards statutes. These Right-Hand Drive vehicles are generally less difficult to insure than others.

Right-hand drive cars list-

In today’s world, most countries use left-hand drive vehicles, and most cars today are Left Hand Drive.  However, according to tradition, about 75 countries worldwide drive on the right.  The most important countries in this group are the UK, Australia, Japan, and South Africa.

Those countries make cars and have a long history of car production, so there will only be some nice and interesting cars with right-hand drive.  We’ve gathered the best 25 of them here.

  1. Ford Falcon Cobra
  2. BMW 530 MLE E12
  3. Nissan Pao
  4. Vauxhall Firenza HP
  5. Mazda 1100 Cosmo
  6. Leyland Force 7V
  7. Honda Beat
  8. Ford Capri Perana
  9. MG X-Power SV Coupe
  10. Honda S660
  11. BMW 745i E23
  12. Holden Sandman
  13. Nissan Figaro
  14. Chrysler Valiant Charger
  15. Suzuki Cappuccino
  16. BMW 333i E30
  17. Toyota Sera
  18. Ford Falcon GT HO 351
  19. Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R Hakosuka
  20. Holden Monaro GTS 327
  21. Nissan Skyline 2000 GT Kenmeri
  22. Toyota Century
  23. Ford Sierra XR8
  24. Autozam AZ-1
  25. Ford Falcon GT XR

What countries have cars with steering wheels on the right?

It has always been a mystery why the world is so divided about where a car’s steering wheel is.  Nowadays, having the steering wheel on the right side of a car is called “right-hand driving”.  On the other hand, “left-hand drive” is when the steering wheel is on the left side of the vehicle.

Generally, right-hand drive vehicles drive on the “left side of the road” or left-hand traffic.  In normal conversation, it would be a “left-handed” car.

Meanwhile, left-hand drive vehicles are driving on the “right side of the road” or right-hand traffic.  It will be a “right-handed” car.

Most drivers in the US are not used to right-hand drive vehicles.  The driver’s seat is on the right side of the cabin, and it is a vehicle that can be commonly seen overseas.  However, one exception to right-hand drive vehicles in North America is the United States Postal Service mail truck.  The vehicle is designed to the right of the driver’s seat so that the driver can easily deposit mail in the mailbox on the right side of the road.  This promotes convenience and vehicle safety for mail truck operators.  But it begs the question:  Where are right-hand drive vehicles usually found outside the US?

Outside of courier services and car collectors, there is little need to own a right-hand drive vehicle in the United States.  Still, once in a while, a right-hand drive vehicle appears on YouTube or TV.  So where did these right-hand drive vehicles come from?  In right-hand driving countries, do motorists drive on the left side of the road?

However, in many other countries worldwide, you can find cars built to drive straight from the factory. If the government was once a British territory or colony, right-hand driving habits are more likely to have been expected.

Australia and New Zealand are known for their car culture. By world standards, they are also known to have right-hand drive vehicles and drive on the left side of the road. As mentioned earlier, both countries stem from historical British influences as they were initially colonies of the British Empire in the 1800s.

Why do some cars have the steering wheel on the right side?

Initially, the steering wheel was placed closer to the edge of the road to make it easier for the driver to get out of the car.  However, more and more cars appeared, and drivers’ attention shifted to oncoming and overtaking cars.  So the steering wheel moved again.  First model 1908 Ford T with left steering wheel and right driver’s seat.

Europeans who made cheap cars also switched to left-hand drive, but high-speed car makers kept right-hand drive principles.  Another hypothesis is that it is easier for drivers to drive on the left side because they safely exit onto the sidewalk rather than the road.

Today, only four European countries drive left-hand traffic: England, Ireland, Malta, and Cyprus.  Countries that don’t want to conform to their neighbours cross borders and use other transport models.  They have to build fancy interchanges on significant highways.

There are a few exceptions.  Odesa, Ukraine, St. Petersburg, and Russia have left-hand driveways designed to accommodate heavy vehicles.  In Paris, the heart of Europe, even drivers on Avenue General Lemonnier (the only street) adapt to left-hand traffic.

Is right-side driving better than left?

Several factors divide countries into different groups.  From the perspective of the automobile industry, the world is divided into left-hand drive and right-hand drive countries.  Historical records show that many areas of the French colonial empire drove to the left.  The right-hand drive was prominent in territories formerly part of the British Empire. Some countries have switched these picks, but the world is divided between left and right-handed.

Which of the two is better?  Are left-handers better than right-handers?  Or is right-handed better than left-handed?  To answer these questions, you need to know a few essential things.

  • Manual Transmission

Automatic transmissions are now preferred, but there was a time when vehicles only had manual transmission options.  Since most of the population is right-handed, putting the gear lever on the left makes sense. It allows the more active right hand to control the steering properly.  However, these advantages are no longer available with an automatic gearbox and steering wheel-mounted controls. If you are a right-hand driver with a manual transmission vehicle, a right-hand drive vehicle may be easier and more comfortable.

  • Brake and accelerator pedals

For right-handers, not only the right hand is vital.  The right leg is also more substantial than the left leg.  That’s why the accelerator pedal is always on the right side.  As already mentioned, the majority of the population is right-handed.  Therefore, pedal placement is always in the form of an ‘accelerator, brake, and clutch’. It is the same for both left-hand drive and right-hand drive vehicles. It shows that the car was made for the right wing. It can also be seen in a variety of other products.

  • Safety

Surprisingly, there are fewer road accidents involving left-hand drive vehicles than right-hand drive vehicles.  Although many theories have been put forward, the exact cause of this phenomenon has not yet been established.

  • Early Adaptation

Some were adopted earlier in some domains and continue to be used today. The same applies to cars. Transitioning between countries will be difficult as it will entail complete changes in road infrastructure, manufacturing facilities, and driving skills. Therefore, most countries stick to traditional left-hand drive or right-hand drive practices.

Overall, there doesn’t seem to be a clear way to determine which is better left-handed or right-handed.  The same key benefits seem to apply to right-handers with manual transmission vehicles.

The difficulty of both systems is the same.

Problems arise only when driving from left to right.  It essentially involves rewiring your brain and it will take some time.  Aside from these factors, there don’t seem to be any other major differences between left- and right-handed handles. However, knowing which car drives right or left is always a challenge.


Q. How many countries have right-hand drive cars?
  • 163 countries

One hundred sixty-three countries and territories drive on the right, and vehicles use the left in 76 countries.  Most left-hand drive countries are former British colonies, including South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

Q. How many countries drive on the left?

Of the 241 countries around the world, 68 countries still drive on the left.  Many of them are past British royal dependents.

Q. Why are UK steering wheels on the right?

There are historical reasons for this.  All you have to do is keep the sword out of your hand!  In the Middle Ages, you never knew whom you might meet when riding a horse.  Most people are right-handed, so if a stranger walks to the right, their right hand can wield a sword if needed.

Q. Why do Americans drive on the left?

When the automobile was invented, Henry Ford significantly influenced American driving customs.  He built a Model T with the driver on the left side of the car. It meant drivers had to drive on the right side of the road to allow passengers to exit. The car is on edge, not an oncoming vehicle.


If you are interested in the different car models on the market, some car models have a right steering wheel, and others have a left steering wheel.

It can be very confusing, but you only need to know that if you drive a car on the right, it will operate on the left and vice versa.  Right-hand drive vehicles are primarily used in Great Britain and some former and current British colonies.

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