How to Choose a Passenger Van for a Vacation?

The best time to create lasting memories is when traveling for a vacation with your family. Every traveler should feel happy, safe, and comfortable. During group traveling, you need a large-enough vehicle in good working condition. It is when renting a passenger van for vacation becomes a necessity. With a van for hire, you can use the company’s driver or drive it yourselves. This article will explain how renting a van for vacation works. 

Why Choose a Rental Passenger Van?

Passenger vans for vacations are the best choice for large groups of travelers. They will keep members of your group united when touring new places. You can arrive together at the airport, hotel, beach resort, or other venues. Other advantages include:

  • Chauffeured vans – Renting a van for vacation allows you to move easily. The transit custom crew cab lease company will provide a chauffeur. This professional driver will drive you around so you can focus on having fun. 
  • Safe travel – A chauffeured passenger van is the best for safe family trips. You will not have to worry about safety unless you choose the wrong company. Besides, you run no risk of getting lost. Trained company chauffeurs know many routes and can use the safest one for the group.
  • Socialization – Renting a passenger van for vacation can help your group members socialize. Whether they want to play cards or chit-chat, it will happen when traveling on one bus.
  • Excite your kids – If your group has some children, they will not feel bored in a rental passenger van. However, the car should be comfortable and spacious as kids get tired too soon on the trip. Select a rental passenger van with adequate headroom and legroom to keep kids happy. Besides, adults can make kids feel happier by participating in their silly games.

Renting a Passenger Van for Vacation

Renting a Passenger Van for Vacation

The most vital things to reflect on when selecting a van for your next vacation include the following: 

  1. Passenger Van Size

To know the correct van size for your needs, consider how many people you will travel with. If you are below eight, the most appropriate choice is an 8-passenger van. It is a minivan with adequate room for every passenger and their luggage. If your trip is long, this auto will be reliable. 

Another choice is a 12-passenger van, which might work if a charter bus is too large. Like the 8-passenger minivan, the 12-passenger auto can keep your travel buddies together. If you are more than 12 people, a 15-passenger van is the next size. 

Even if it has the same body and chassis as the 12-people van, a 15-van option provides more head and cargo space. Will you tow more cargo than passengers? The best passenger van rental for vacation for you is the cargo van. It has more room for any cargo you can safely transport in it. Unfortunately, only two of you can travel in a cargo van.

  1. Time for traveling

Renting a passenger van for vacation is simpler if you know when you will take the trip. Consider that other people are looking to hire the same rental van around the same time you will travel. Hence, book the passenger vans you need early. Also, you should specify the number of days you will be using the auto. 

  1. Features of the passenger van

Most families will be okay with finding a passenger van with enough seats and a cargo storage area. If you want more features to increase safety and comfort, take the time to search for them. Compare as many rental vehicles as possible based on your best features, including GPS. 

  1. Gas Mileage

The cost of gas will be part of your bill. Therefore, it makes sense to consider a rental van with ideal gas mileage. If you are a small group, consider renting a small van as it will consume less fuel. A big van will consume more gasoline, which will inflate your bill. 

If you cannot avoid a large van, choose fewer daily excursions. For instance, the group members can stroll to tourist places closer to the hotel. Additionally, you can find bikes for rental to save on bus fuel.

  1. Comfort level

A van and a public bus have a slight difference. It has adequate space for your legs and head. Also, it has a cargo area away from the passengers’ cabin. On the other hand, a bus may be too big for your family trip. Instead of leaving some bus seats empty, get a passenger van of the right size. 

A van is more private and comfortable. It does not have to use the same routes as public buses. These buses use crowded and noisy routes that are also prone to traffic jams. Thus, your group can be more comfortable and stress-free traveling in the more flexible passenger van.

  1. The reputation of the rental company

You can work with a company that has been running for a long time. Hire its passenger vans for vacation if it has a good reputation. Ensure the company has reliable customer care service. It will handle your issues faster. 

  1. Condition of the vehicle 

Check the physical condition of the hired vehicle before you rent it. Does it have paint scratches or dents? Ensure various parts are working, including the lights, wheels, steering wheel, etc. 

These are some of the things you can do to prevent an accident. The vehicle should have comprehensive insurance coverage. However, you may select one with another policy for protecting passengers during an emergency. 

  1. Pricing

The main factor determining the price of the rental van is your destination location. If your trip is far away, you will spend more money and vice versa. Also, the larger the van is, the higher the price. If you request advanced features, the company might choose the most luxurious auto. Thus, you will pay more for it.


If planning a trip with your family, how will you travel? Renting a passenger van for vacation is a good choice of transportation. Besides traveling as a united family, you will have a personal chauffeur to increase your safety and comfort. Go through the tips for choosing van for vacation carefully. Then, pick the best auto for your group’s needs. 

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