Why Should You Drive Slower At Night?

Driving slowly at night allows you to be more aware of your surroundings.  Your vision naturally decreases at night, so driving a little slower will allow you to spend more time in potentially dangerous situations. It is also helpful if you are on a back road or in a less developed area where animals will jump in front of vehicles.

Why should you drive more slowly at night?

Before we consider why you should be driving more slowly at night, let me remind you that you should first observe your speed and take your foot off the accelerator when visibility is limited. This rule of thumb covers different types of extreme weather like rain, fog, snow, etc., but does not exempt you from driving at night.

Why should you drive more slowly at night

The reason is simple. The driver’s field of vision directly impacts reaction time, and low visibility will result in slower reaction times.  In other words, when it’s dark outside, and you can’t see far, you won’t be prepared to slow down or stop quickly if necessary. Drivers of all experience levels will agree, and it’s inevitable.

Other road users, such as cyclists, joggers, and pedestrians, are also challenging to see in the dark, so it’s best to slow down to react if someone jumps in front of you. You are speeding limits the time you have to stop and increases your risk of injury to yourself and others. Fatigue may make you less alert, but if you feel tired, you should always stop and rest before continuing your journey.

Answer for why you should drive slower at night in Texas ?

The answer is simple. The driver’s field of vision directly impacts reaction time, and a lower area of view will result in a slower reaction time.

We have long known that driving at night is more dangerous than driving during the day.  All drivers in Texas must exercise due caution and extreme caution when driving at night.  Anyone who does not comply with this shall be liable for any injury or damage resulting from the accident.  Besides the obvious danger of low visibility, why is driving at night so dangerous?

Dangers of Driving at Night!

Why should you drive more slowly at night
  • Low Visibility

Even drivers with 20/20 vision cannot see well when driving at night.  Blind drivers have a more challenging time with low visibility and glaring headlights.  Here are some tips to keep in mind to improve your visibility when driving at night:

  • Clean the glass frequently to remove glare and streaks.
  • Dim the dashboard lights and do not look directly into the approaching sunshine.
  • Make sure your headlights are aimed adequately for maximum visibility.
  • Drive at a slower speed to give yourself extra time to deal with danger.

  • Night time Blindness

Many drivers suffer from night blindness or the inability to see clearly in the dark. Which is caused by retinal disorders or vitamin A deficiency.  Symptoms of night blindness include:

  • Loss of central vision
  • Problems with peripheral vision
  • Decreased vision in poor light

  • Fatigued Drivers

Driving while tired is especially dangerous for drivers as the body naturally prepares for sleep cycles.  People often suffer from fatigue while driving at night. It is because late shifts or occasional schedules disrupt your sleeping patterns. 

Many people who work shifts have long struggled with Insomnia and grapple with sleepless nights at night.  Because of this, the lives of everyone on the road are at risk.

  • Teen & Elderly Drivers

As you age, you lose the ability to see as clearly as you used to.  Older drivers suffer from night blindness or vision problems.  Roads are just as dangerous as young drivers with little driving experience. Texas has adopted a graduate driver’s license program to prevent teen drivers from driving at night and reduce these risks. Teen drivers with an early-restricting driving license are not allowed to drive between midnight and 5 a.m.

  • Busier Construction Zones

The merging and exiting of heavy trucks, changes in traffic patterns, flashing police lights, and workers on the roads make roads in construction areas more dangerous.  Routes can be hazardous if you’re not careful when you mix low visibility with the added risk of headlight glare—reducing your speed when driving near construction sites at night or any time is best. Which helps your eyes adapt and gives you extra time to pre-read road signs and traffic patterns.

  • Drunk & Drugged Drivers

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, drivers who die at night are 3.6 times more likely to drink alcohol than drivers who pass during the day.  The roads are hazardous during these late hours as people tend to get drunk at night.  Alcohol, illegal drugs and prescription drugs impair a person’s reaction time.  If you have prescribed medication, read the label for side effects that may cause drowsiness or dizziness that may impair your driving ability.

Why should you drive slower at night answer?

  • Top tips for driving slowly and safely at night

As with any other dangerous driving situation, such as driving in rain, fog, or snow, you must be especially careful of your surroundings. Here are some critical tips for night driving.

  • Be careful around you:  Visibility is poor when driving at night. You have to be three times more cautious than during the day. Beware of distracted or tired drivers and avoid unnecessary distractions such as texting or phone calls.
  • Check your high beams and headlights frequently:  Working headlights and high beams are essential for safe driving at night.  You’re in danger if you can’t see what you’re doing.
  • Watch out for animals: Keep an eye out for wildlife when driving on back roads or in less developed areas.  Deer is notorious for jumping in front of cars when trying to cross the street. It is perilous not only for the animals but also for you. 

Don’t drive tired

Why should you drive more slowly at night

When you’re tired, stop. One of the leading causes of accidents at night is also excessive fatigue.

How to prevent drowsy driving:

  • Get plenty of rest at night
  • Do not drink alcohol before driving
  • Driving restrictions between midnight and 6 am

If you feel drowsy while driving:

  • Pullover and stop the car
  • Turn off your car, turn on your emergency lights, and take a short (15-20 minute) nap.
  • Drink some Caffeine or grab a coffee from a gas station
  • Open the window and breathe in some fresh air


So, we hope that today’s article will provide enough information about why you should drive slower at night. This article includes information about how to drive safely at night. May this article will help you to improve your knowledge.

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