Yamaha Mt 15 – Perfect bike for long trips

Naked streetfighters will always be the most popular motorcycle genre among all the others that have developed over time. Either their lack of clothing or the associated hooliganism can be used as an excuse. As a result, when Yamaha originally introduced the MT-15 in India, anticipation for it tore the roofs off because it was essentially the same motorbike as the R15, although lighter and with an extraterrestrial fascia that might even have caused an alien to wonder about its existence.

Yamaha has now equipped the MT-15 with enough ammo to engage its rivals head-on, whether the distance is small (around the corner) or long (across the state). The golden USD forks and a few other significant enhancements are undoubtedly the weapon of choice, and is more than enough to improve the Yamaha Mt 15 over its predecessor. Yamaha MT 15 touched highest sales in April 2022. In this article, We will tell you how it’s the best bike for long trips.

Yamaha Mt 15

Understand about Features and Specifications:


The 155 cc, four-valve, liquid-cooled engine that powers the MT-15 and the YZF-R15 remains the same. When traveling at a steady 100 to 110 kmph, the motorcycle feels calm. Beyond that, the handlebars and foot pegs begin to vibrate.

Because of its high revving nature, the engine doesn’t start singing until 6,000 rpm. As a result, the power band is a little bit narrower than we would have liked.

But the personality of the engine has altered. The new MT-15 loses this explosiveness for greater tractability, whereas the earlier model had a livelier state of tune. Only after 6,000 rpm does the engine start singing due to its high revving nature. Therefore, it has a smaller power band. Therefore, it has a smaller power band. When riding on city streets, the motorcycle’s ability to shift into 6th gear at speeds as low as 30 kmph is a godsend. And the light clutch pull is actually fairly likable. Anyone can easily check and compare all the features and specifications of Yamaha MT 15 at Droom.

The MT-15 is still a machine with excellent handling, especially in bends.

The motorcycle has inconsistent braking! The front disc has strong bite and advancement, however the rear disc requires a little more effort, especially when you need to quickly reduce speed. Yamaha could have provided dual-channel ABS at this point, even if it had been an option. But overall, It won’t make you slow on the long road.

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Comfortable Ergonomics

The MT-15 has the exact opposite riding position to that of the Yamaha R15, which is quite aggressive. You grip onto a single, slightly broader handlebar while sitting upright. To 810 mm, the seat height has been lowered by 5 mm. The MT-15 now has a very pleasant riding triangle because the footpegs are center-set. The tank is also curved differently, giving you more room to lock your knees while having a 10-liter capacity. The padding is a little better than the R15, and the seat is made of a single piece.

The Mt 15 bike boasts comfortable ergonomics for a streetfighter, with a forward-canted seating position and slightly rearward-set foot pegs. The wide and low handlebar provides a secure grip for fast direction changes and lock-to-lock twists. 

Despite the MT-15’s small size, the pillion seat seems surprisingly roomy, albeit the grab rails on either side are too low to be very useful. Furthermore, it is incredibly agile, light as a feather, and simple to ride. So, if you are planning to go on a long trip don’t hesitate to get on Mt 15.


The craze of Yamaha is evident everywhere. In 2020, Yamaha sold bikes valued at 1.5 trillion yen! However, compared to 2019 sales, this was practically down 11%. This was during the pandemic. By this you can get an idea about how much people love this brand.

In India, the Yamaha MT 15 V2 street Mt 15 price starts from Rs. 1,64,897. It comes in 3 variations and 5 color options, with the top variation starting at Rs. 1,66,902. The 155cc BS6 engine that powers the Yamaha MT 15 V2 produces 18.14 horsepower and 14.1 Nm of torque. The Yamaha MT 15 V2 comes equipped with anti-locking brakes and front and rear disc brakes. The gasoline tank on this MT 15 V2 motorcycle can hold 10 gallons of petrol and weighs 139 kg.

The upgraded MT-15 model is known as the Yamaha MT-15 V2. It is based on the R15 V4, and the most recent version has some significant modifications. Bulb indicators flank the Transformers-like LED headlight. The aggressive appearance of the MT-15 V2 is completed by the sculpted fuel tank with shrouds and the broad handlebar making it the best choice for long trips.

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